Kitchen chair »rough wood finish » with recycled oak from barrel
Brushed oak barrell  finishRusty steel ring finishRough wood and wooden plug finish

Kitchen chair with rough wood finish

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Specific characteristics :

This variant of the high chair comes with a backrest (two wood staves and a crossbar) and a footrest

The rings have a rusty and varnished finish

 Dimensions :

Height 65 cm. Diameter of the seat 38 cm. Back protruding 30cm above the seat.

delivery and delay:

 delivery is free for the customer, for france and next countries.

This item is stored in spare parts. Finishing and assembly remain to be done after your order. The deadline is 30 days.

Other dimensions or finish on request

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Product Description


The range « brut de fut » or rough wood finish evokes the barrel that one will have turned on itself like a stocking. It’s now concave shape gives it good stability. A backrest and a footrest can improve the comfort of this seat height.

It consists of bar stools, bar chairs, kitchen chairs, armchairs, and table chairs.


 Origin of wood :

Recycled staves from 225 litre barrels

The seat is made from the bottom of the Barrel the legs from the wood staves

 Assembly :

The legs and metal rings are assembled with square neck bolts and are hidden by a wooden plug.

 wood finishings :

The finish of the wood depends on the different versions, of the rough wood brushed with the planed wood then finely sanded. The colours vary according to the origin of the wine and the work done on the wood

Then, a two-component water-soluble varnish is applied.

 Metal rings :

These pieces are specially made and recall the circle of the barrel. Several finishes are possible.

Additional Information

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